Rainy River Meats is owned by our local Rainy River District Regional Abattoir

The Rainy River District has had a strong agricultural base and economy for a century.  A local abattoir/processing plant, Stratton Meats, operated over 20 years in the district until closing in 1996.   A decade long project to re-establish an abattoir in the district resulted in the opening of Rainy River District Regional Abattoir in 2010.  Due to the long period without a local abattoir, most cut and wrap meat shops were no longer operational as such.   A need to establish additional infrastructure was identified to support the new facility.  Rainy River Meats was established in response to this need.  The main goal was to provide a custom cut, wholesale and retail service outlet in support of local livestock producers. 


Rainy River Meats is a small butcher shop located in Emo striving to provide fresh local products to the community.  We work together promoting local products and supporting the agricultural community, including 4H, Rainy River Cattlemens Association, Ontario Federation of Agriculture and the Rainy River District Regional Abattoir.  The business operates in a more traditional manner; dry aging and custom cutting and wrapping.  The primary products retailed from Rainy River Meats are those raised by the farmers in the Rainy River District.  We pride ourselves in knowing where our products originate.  We support our farmers in this endeavour and provide our customers with the best products possible.


Since opening, Rainy River Meats has expanded its retail market to include Farmers Markets within the Rainy River and Kenora districts.  Our product line has expanded to include local honey, Lake of the Woods walleye, wild rice and Ontario cheddar cheese.  We also serve a smaller market with unusual products, including bison and rabbit.  A large part of our retail operation includes a variety of fresh and smoked sausage products.  We continue to provide a custom cut and wrap service for self consumption and farm gate sales, as well as wild game processing.  You may also find some of our products being sold through retail outlets in Kenora, Balmertown and Thunder Bay.